From the beginning of my psychiatric training more than forty years ago, I have been fascinated by people with delusional and schizophrenic disorders. Having treated quite a number of delusional patients from many different diagnostic categories over the intervening years, I'd like to present a theory and clinical examples of successful psychodynamic treatment of even the most disturbed and psychotic patients.

Since this is a problem that affects not only the schizophrenic or delusional patient, but family and friends as well, I have written this book for the general public as well as interested members of the psychiatric profession, in hopes that more people will realize that there is much that can be done for such seemingly lost and confused people.

Many severely disturbed patients, diagnosed as schizophrenic or delusional, respond to antipsychotic medication, full time or partial hospitalization and reality oriented, supportive psychotherapy. Some of these confused people, however, do not benefit from this supportive, primarily medication and cognitive therapy approach, remaining mired in a chaotic and deteriorating condition that leaves little hope for them or their families; they are considered hopeless and "untreatable."

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